About Red Alert and our services

  • Pre-Press industry experience

    We have 13 years experience in the pre-press industry. Specifically Peter Holbrook is well known for the Unigraph/Glunz and Jensen products. Before moving to Australia, Peter was Technical Design Manager and Production Manager for Unigraph UK manufacturers of the Quartz range of processors, latterly Glunz and Jensen. Glunz and Jensen produce the Raptor, Interplater, Multiline and Quartz processors. Peter is a qualified Mechanical Engineer and sees a challenge in fixing things other people can’t.

  • Pacific Rim

    Red Alert Parts.com are based in Australia and are therefore ideally placed to service the Pacific Rim counties. Our advantage over European or American service is we are on similar time-zones, less transport time, often local knowledge of customs and contacts.

  • Australia

    Based in Perth, Western Australia, Red Alert Parts.com have the time advantage for getting late orders to you in the Eastern states. Phone us 5pm EST and we can easily get parts to you by 9am the next day (if in stock). Standard freight restrictions/destinations apply.

  • Types of customers

    We are happy to sell to end users as well as pre-press engineers.

  • Prices

    We can give you very competitive prices. To enable us to offer you good prices we ask for credit card payments in every case.

  • Customer Service

    Red Alert Parts.com know all the problems you will encounter with pre-press equipment – we’ve been there ourselves. We know what you want and what’s important to you – the right parts in stock and speed of delivery. We stock a large range of parts (both standard parts and lesser used parts). Ask us for our ‘useful parts list’ for your machine. Being a small company every customer is important to us. We won’t put things off to the next day.

  • Non-Glunz and Jensen Machines

    We have good contacts to source information on more unusual parts or machines.

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Red Alert Parts.com - suppliers of spare parts for the Glunz and Jensen and Unigraph range of plate processors - Raptor, Interplater, Multiline and Quartz processors.